In the event that I was to have a net windfall of $100,000 – the first thing I will do is look for an abandoned house in a relatively safe neighborhood. I will then contact the city of Pittsburgh in regards for acquisition of this house. Assuming that to be the case, I will put the remainder of the money in bringing the house up to code, and to my standards.

For heating, I will underfloor radiant heating. This will be more efficient, and more environmentally desirable to forced air which can blow dust and allergens. For air conditioning, I will use ceiling fans. Not the best solution, but the best that I will be able to do for the budget.

For plumbing, I will use flex PEX piping and each line will have its own pipe. This will be cheaper, and easier to install than copper pipes. Also, the pipes will be color coded to make it easier for the plumber to know which pipe he is dealing with.

For electrical, I will rely on NMB sheathing wire cabling. This is the most common and the easiest to work with. Light switches will be simple toggle switches which should meet the needs. Electrical outlets will be set at knee height to make them easier to plug electrical items into. Light sockets will have LED lighting, and there will be no gas line.

There will be no POTS telephone lines. Instead, I will rely exclusively on my cellular phone for telephony communications. If I was to need a fax line, I will use an e-Fax service which will convert incoming faxes to .pdf files and email them to me. To send faxes, I will simply send a .pdf file as an attachment which will go to a particular email address.

For television, there will be RG6 coaxial lines in the living room, office, and each of the bedrooms. These line will run to the communication closet where they will either connect to cable TV or more likely to an Over the Air Antenna. There will also be a Table DVR which will also be stored in the communications closet – therefore being out of the way.

For networking, there will be a Wifi-6 Access Point on each floor, and one for the outside. All of these points will use POE (Power Over Ethernet) and will connect to a patch panel, then to a 10GBPS switch. In addition, RJ45 lines will run from the communications closet to points in the house that will make sense. These lines will be ideal for computers, and printers to connect to. From the communications closet, there will be a router which will then plug into the Internet (most likely Verizon).

While I would have benefit, there will be no financial possibility of adding solar panels, nor an elevator. This will mean that I will need to walk up and down stairs to traverse to the different floors. All of this will be assumed for $75,000 which will take 3/4 of my $100,000.